Crunchy pickled cabbage quick-cooking — recipe

Хрустящая квашеная капуста быстрого приготовления - рецепт

Sauerkraut is one of the main blanks on our table, which often appears in the menu in the cold period of the year. If you’ve never made homemade sauerkraut, wanting to avoid unnecessary trouble and save time, but now the excuses have no room left, because in this article we present a recipe of crunchy pickled cabbage fast preparation. The process will take not more than three days, but in the end you will have an amazing salty snack made with his own hands.

Quick and delicious, crunchy sauerkraut

To start, as always, offered with a base recipe that will require only a small head of cabbage and salt. We have decided to add a recipe of fenugreek seeds, but such a Supplement is left to your discretion.


  • head cabbage (medium size) — 1 piece.
  • salt — 1 1/2 tsp;
  • fenugreek seeds — 1 tsp.


For the fermentation of cabbage to individual bacteria that cause the fermentation of sugar from vegetable leaves. Therefore in order for the appetizer turned out to be correct, before you make crispy sauerkraut at home make sure that use the dishes as clean as possible, the Board and knives (pre-boil them) and wipe the working surface. Don’t forget to wash your hands, because by them we are going to press down the cabbage.

Remove wilted or damaged leaves from the cabbage heads of cabbage, and finely chop the rest. RUB chopped leaves with salt and fenugreek (if using it), massage them literally up to 10 minutes so as to compromise the integrity of cabbage leaves and let more juice. Well now tamp the cabbage leaves in a jar and put the cargo net on top. From time to time prodavlivaet load stronger, and one day later we’ll see that there is enough juice stood out: the liquid must cover the cabbage completely. If not enough juice, pour the brine from a mixture of a teaspoon of salt and a Cup of water. Leave the cabbage to ferment for 2-3 days, and then remove the sample.

Delicious, quick and crunchy pickled purple cabbage

To keep the cabbage crunchy even after being under pressure will help the vinegar. You can use regular vinegar, and experiment with taste by adding a product based on Apple or grape. Extra flavor can also add onion rings and spices.


  • onion (small) — 1 piece.
  • cabbage 680 g;
  • Apple cider vinegar — 160 ml;
  • water — 210 ml;
  • salt — 1 tbsp.


Thinly slice the cabbage and onion cut into rings. Mix the vegetables, salt and muddle them for 3-6 minutes. Prepare a solution of vinegar in water. Tamp the cabbage in jars and pour vinegar solution. Place the cargo on top and close the neck of the jars with cabbage gauze. Crunchy pickled cabbage with vinegar recipe-must hold at room temperature for at least 2 days.

How to make sauerkraut and crispy white?


  • head of cabbage — 800 g;
  • Хрустящая квашеная капуста быстрого приготовления - рецепт

  • salt — 20 g;
  • sugar — 10 g;
  • vinegar — 15 ml;
  • water — 85 ml.


Prepare a simple brine by dissolving salt and sugar in warm water, adding vinegar and leaving to cool. The key to crispy pickled cabbage fast preparation will be thin sliced cabbage leaves themselves. Chop them finely to speed up the process of prokalivanie, and then tamp the leaves into jars and pour the prepared brine. Covering the neck banks gauze piece, leave the cabbage to ferment at room temperature for two or three days.


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