Shabby chic interior

This style appeared relatively recently, but has already won a place in the hearts and wallets of owners of houses and apartments. As is typical for this style?

Шебби-шик в интерьере

Shabby chic appeared about 30 years ago in England. A room decorated in this style, looks a bit naive, maybe even overly romantic, but very comfortable.

Let us recall the main elements of the style shabby chic.

Bright colors

Among them you can choose virtually any combine them to your liking, however, the shades should be light, gentle.

Natural materials

Shabby chic suggests to us that the room interior is old, only slightly refurbished, so plastic, chrome steel and other modern materials will look very alien. Use paper Wallpaper, ceramic tile, natural wood (panels, decorated with a natural wood veneer of noble breeds), cotton, woolen fabrics (velvet and silk). A good addition will be stucco (real, made from plaster!).

Antique furniture

When buying furniture, choose items that have whimsical, elegant shape, decorated with carved onlays, inlays of other wood, porcelain medallions, etc., the Upholstery also needs to be light, with patterns typical to antique English furniture.

By the way, a skilled master can make simple, modern furniture vintage look. Look for workshops on the Internet on this topic, possibly will turn out for you!

Шебби-шик в интерьере

Textiles plays a very important role

The right choice of colors and patterns of curtains, bedspreads, pillows-meditations, elegant tablecloths, lampshades, floor lamps and table lamps, all of this almost 80% right create the atmosphere of this fabulous Antiques in the room.

Accessories are also important

Graceful vases, figurines, clocks, frames, mirrors, paintings, and other cute little things needs to fill the room, decorated in the style shabby chic. Ideally, all details should be antique, but you can find modern things, which well mimic the old days.

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