Best plants for a garden pond

The beauty of the pond emphasizes a harmonious combination of plants. To properly make a composition, you can use the recommendations of the selection and description of popular plants.

Лучшие растения для садового водоема

When making a coastal zone should consider some rules:

  • the plants should match the size
  • together to create the perfect composition
  • save decorative from spring to autumn
  • better to plant low maintenance plants

1. Making the edge of the pond. Enough for 3-4 small plants such as Wapato, Buttercup, but you can plant taller plants, there should be 2 or 3 species. For example: cattail, iris, bergenia.
Yellow iris is one of the most showy plants of the family iridaceae. Quickly forms a group of the lush vegetation. During flowering sun gives color to the pond. On stems 90 cm blooms in may, about 15 of joyful yellow flowers. The leaves are green until autumn.
Wapato strelolist has an unusual decorative look that it gives to the leaves. At the end of July on triangular stalks of blossoms with white, pink or purple flowers. Low maintenance, Wapato grows well near water and gives naturalness to the landscape.
For the background choose a beautiful tall plant cattail which are used for large bodies of water, small are planted in small groups. Well-known flowers of the cattail is dense velvet, the ears are dark brown. The plant is perfect for landscape pond.
2. Area of shallow water or marshes. In this place are planted 1 or 2 plants (Kuznica, marsh Calla) to a depth of 15 cm.
Marsh Calla, or Calla – an amazing and exotic plant. Delight the eye with dark green heart-shaped shiny leaves. The white blossoms appear in late may and give the pond a romantic mood. At the end of summer appear in their place bright red fruit. Flowers are used for bouquets and they symbolize purity and youth. To plant Calla better in the container to fall to move to a warmer place.
3. Area of water lilies. This is the place for the landing of floating plants. These include water hyacinth, piste, nymphs. They are very useful plants, because they are natural water purifiers.
The charm of the pond will give a water Lily or Lotus. Well-known delicate white flowers, floating on the water. Varietal plants have a variety of color: pink, yellow, crimson. They will create the nostalgic mood light landscape.

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