In how many days the seeds germinate tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers

Late winter — early spring is the ideal time for planting tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers seedlings in Central Russia. To find out when to plant these crops in more Northern or more southern regions of our country, you need to know how soon the seeds germinate, after how many days they can be transplanted in the open ground or greenhouse.

Через сколько дней всходят семена помидор, перцев и огурцов

How many days to germinate cucumber

Cucumber is one of the most grown crops in Russia. Perhaps, there is not a single gardener who would not grow these vegetables in their own country. The popularity of this culture is due to the fact that these plants are fairly undemanding, and the first harvest can be expected after 40-45 days.

Cucumbers can be planted as seedlings or planted in the greenhouse, once established favourable weather (frosts pass). The planting technique is simple: seeds are planted at a depth of 1.5-2 cm at a distance of half a meter, pour warm water and wait for germination. They usually appear fairly quickly, in 3-5 days. If the temperature is below 15 degrees, then not earlier than 7 days.

How many days to germinate sweet peppers

Sweet peppers — not a very popular culture among growers, most gardeners limited to a pair of three seedlings on the site. As for the speed of germination of the seeds, it can fluctuate considerably, it all depends on the quality of seeds, the warming of the soil. Peppers — the culture of thermophilic, when the earth’s temperature above 25 degrees, the seedlings can be expected after a week, if below this level is not earlier than 10-14 days.

For growing peppers in Central Russia is more commonly used planting method: seeds are soaked for several hours in warm water, then fill the cups the fertile earth 2/3 part, to a depth of one centimeter place the peppers seed, watered and put in a warm place. Moisten the soil as needed. Seedlings are ready for transplanting after 65-70 days.

How many days to germinate tomatoes

Tomatoes and cucumbers, a favorite culture of the gardeners. For the cultivation of tomato under greenhouse conditions and the seedlings they planted in early March, for open ground in April. The speed of germination depends on seed quality and temperature, however in most cases the first seedlings appear after only 5-7 days after planting. Planting tomato seedlings is similar to planting the sweet pepper seedlings.

If you are going to plant plenty of tomatoes, then use the following method: take a wide capacity to a depth of 10 cm at a distance of a couple of inches plant seeds at a depth of one centimeter and pour warm water, wait for germination. Once the seedling reaches a height of 7-10 cm, transplant it into a separate container, for example, plastic cups. Remember, transplanting must be done carefully, in any case not to damage the stems of plants, and their roots.

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