Renovated apartments: why choose it?

The term «renovation» appeared in the West a few decades ago. Many people believe that this is a common repair, but performed with maximum quality with all its careful attention to detail, using only modern materials and tools.

Евроремонт квартир: почему выбирают именно его?

It seems so isolated today. If this condition cannot be considered normal laying linoleum, wallpapering the walls or the plaster surface of the ceiling, despite the high quality of work performed. Therefore, renovation is a complex repair of apartments, houses or office space using only the most advanced materials, power tools and fixtures.

The main difference from the usual condition of repair is to develop a professional design project. Most inexperienced people think that designer usually draws himself some strange symbols, which in his view should show the future appearance of the restored rooms. But this is absolutely not true.

In the designer project must contain all the necessary materials to repair, drawings and layouts of various engineering systems, such as water, electricity and gas supply, ventilation, Sewerage, etc. this project allows you to calculate an estimate of all necessary work and order of their execution. A professional designer is obliged to follow the developed project, observing the quality of all the stages of repair.

A design project often involves alterations in the apartment, especially when she was purchased on the secondary real estate market. Thanks to the redevelopment housing can be done much more comfortable and at the same time to give it a real European look.

To implement a design project to the maximum extent, and to execute the renovation according to European standards, in addition to modern materials, tools and technologies also need highly qualified specialists. After all, if you delegate the work to an inexperienced person, it is very difficult to identify this condition.

It is extremely difficult itself, for example, efficiently stick luxury expensive Wallpaper, as it can make the professional. It’s one of the most important stages of implementation of the design project. The main role here played by masters qualification and his experience. Also do not forget about the use of modern and expensive equipment.

The condition usually comes in a good penny. The amount of money spent on its implementation, can sometimes be half the cost of the entire apartment. But, as they say, the game is worth it, provided that the renovation will be performed only by professional craftsmen.

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