Seedlings: watering correctly

«Without water, and the amplitude, and not syudy» a well — known phrase from the old movies. Water is needed for germination of seeds and further development of seedlings. How to learn to water the seedlings properly?

Рассада: поливаем правильно

When growing any seedlings you must follow the basic rules of watering:

At the stage of germination of the seeds only need moist soil and watering is not required. Only when surface sowing small seeds and the drying of the soil, you can gently hold the spray drying of the soil with a spray bottle.

At the stage of emergence of cotyledon leaveswith a lack of moisture in the soil can be a little bit of water aroundthe stalk, under the spine. At this time in young seedlings the roots are just starting to form, and excess moisture can harm. Delicate plants such as Petunia, Lobelia, very sensitive to waterlogging during this period, and they are watered onthe edge of the tank or use a syringe.

At the stage of development of the leaves of the seedlings begin to water a little more and more often, as dryingof the earth. As soon as the soil begins to lighten, and to the touch the land becomes dry, crumbly, now is the time of irrigation. We must remember that in the first place, the earth dries on the surface. In the depth of the container the moisture is retained. This moment is important.The main rule — do not pour. The ground should be moist, but not wet. In wet soil and there is a «black leg», especially when grown on a cool windowsill.

How often should I water the seedlings at home?

Usually the answer is that one or two of watering a week is sufficient. But every owner of seedlings grown in different conditions. In the absence of additional illumination and high temperature heating, Hobbies, excessive watering will lead to escalating and pulling the seedlings.

If the seedling pots are on a tray, and irrigation water flows into the sump, then a few hours later, the excess water should be drained, otherwise the excess water will hinder the roots breath and the earth will turn sour.

It is preferable to watering small seedlings in the first half of the day.

What if the seedlings began to stretch out?

To stop pulling help lighting. In the absence of such, it is necessary to lower the temperature where the seedlings grow. To protect the capacity of seedlings from the battery. Good option when on the window-sill lies a piece of plywood wider than the sill, and the entire seedling is placed on the plywood.

To protect seedlings from the hot battery will help a piece of plastic film. It is important that the flow of dry warm air is not dried out seedlings.

To stretched out the seedlings you can pour the earth, to the cotyledon leaves. When dry and warm air seedlings «choking» and simple measures like moisturizing, will be welcomed. Even apart an ordinary jars of water between the containers with seedlings, it is possible to help the growing plants to survive the difficult period and to recover.

Spraying the leaves can also be used, but not every seedling likes this procedure.

The Golden rule is to water the seedlings always have to defend water at room temperature. It is better not to top up than strain.

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