Tricks for quitting

It is important to decide how you will work with methods for quitting Smoking. Let’s look at a concrete example, which reveals the diversity of the available alternatives.

Хитрости отказа от курения

The first step is defining the purpose of Smoking cessation. It is known that nicotine addiction consists of two components:

• behavioral;

• biological.

The decision to use drugs is yours, however if you still made a choice in favor of one of the funds, do not forget that this is just one of the steps towards achieving the goal. You also expect a change in behavior.

At the time graphic designer Dave G. tried many times to quit Smoking, but all attempts were unsuccessful. Every day he tried to smoke fewer cigarettes, kept written records, and then again was accepted for old and smoked 3 packs a day good and 4 bad. His nicotine addiction is very worried about his mate that she decided to consult a specialist.

At the first meeting, Dave told me that gets great pleasure from the first morning puff, but pleasant effects diminish with each subsequent cigarette. The man admitted that he was tired of not to go where Smoking is not allowed, as this limits its life. He definitely lost the battle for control, the world is constantly decreased, reduced, contracted around him, leaving the man alone with cigarettes.

Dave there are a number of problems considerably complicating Smoking cessation. A former alcoholic, he stayed for 11 years, having managed to overcome the dependence on prescription drugs. In addition, Dave suffered from bipolar disorder and agoraphobia. It was periodically tormented by painful bouts of depression and panic. If NRT had helped him to get out of the quagmire of addiction, just imagine what results can achieve you, especially if you don’t have this bunch of complications, like Dave.

Since in the context of this story we mentioned nicotine replacement therapy, it’s time to get to know her better: what it is and how it works.

Anxiety associated with nicotinamide therapy (NRT)

Many smokers experience greater fear of nicotine patches and other means of NRT than cigarettes. This fear has no basis in reality, because cigarettes kill, and NRT has proven to be safe.

At first glance it may seem strange to try to get rid of nicotine addiction with nicotine, and you may wonder whether it is the replacement of one dependency with another. It is important to know the difference between pure nicotine, medicinal, and toxic cocktail that we call a cigarette.

The correct use of NRT does not cause any serious or long-term risks and this method will help you safely quit Smoking without harm to health.

NRT does not:

• causes cancer;

• penetrates into the lungs;

• prolong nicotine withdrawal symptoms;

• increases the likelihood that you will smoke again!

NRT makes it easier:

• the process of quitting!

The biggest problem with NRT is its wrong use.


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