Original gift for a friend with your own hands

Birthday is the perfect occasion to please gift for your favorite friend. It can be purchased at the store or make with your own hands. Now there are many types of crafts, using which you can create an original and memorable gift.


You will need

  • — small piece of cotton fabric
  • — PVA glue
  • — paint for batik
  • — peacock feathers
  • — brush
  • frame for panels
  • — rhinestones and other decorative elements


1. To make a gift for a friend with your own hands, prepare the Foundation and background. The base can be heavy cardboard. But the creation of the background requires a little creative effort. In this case prepare an artistic background using paint for batik. Pull on a white cotton cloth of the required size on a frame. Thoroughly moisten it with water from a spray. Prepare the paint, combined with each other. Soft brush to apply the paint to the fabric. Apply paint, pre-moistened cloth. Spreading and smoothly passing into each other, they create an interesting pattern for the panels.


2. Glue the fabric on white cardboard with PVA glue. Allow it to dry. Apply the adhesive onto the fabric, put the pen and RUB the glue again. The main thing is that the pen beautifully and carefully stuck on the fabric.


3. A gift for a friend’s birthday should be bright and memorable. So decorate panels decorative elements: rhinestones, beads, faux pearls or tokens with Golden or silver paint. Insert panels into the frame, beautifully package and hand.
Gift for girlfriends made with their hands, add a small handmade card. It is easy to do using a small section of tissue with an art background. Take a piece of cardboard in half and glue the square of fabric a glue stick. Make an inscription gold marker and hands.

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