Vintage pencil case out of felt with their hands

This pencil case is perfect for writing utensils and cosmetics, the more that its size can be varied independently.

Винтажный пенал из фетра своими руками

To sew with my hands like this cute pencil case, you will need felt, thread in the color of felt, zipper desired length, jewelry according to taste (the piece of lace, small pendants in vintage style, beads, seed beads, etc.).

The order of work on the case:

1. To begin with, determine the size of your future case. To do this, think about what pencils (cosmetic or normal) you will use it. If this is the case you will sew for cosmetic pencils, then the length of the pencil case can be about 22 cm, because the length of the cosmetic pencil can be about to 20 cm the diameter of the pencil case choose from 5 to 10 cm.

2. Before you take the pencil case out of felt, cut parts of the paper. You should get three parts:

and. two identical circles (the diameter of a pencil case I recommended above),

b. rectangle (length 1-2 cm longer than the longest pencil which will be stored there and the width equal to the circumference (details and)).

Please note that the zipper need to buy after you have determined the desired size of the case, that it should not be too short.

3. A crosslinking details in the following sequence:

— Sew the zipper to the edges of the rectangular parts, close it.

Винтажный пенал из фетра своими руками

— Turn the pencil case inside out, put one round the item to the end of the case and carefully sew around the entire circumference. The same way sew the second round. The pencil case is ready.

Винтажный пенал из фетра своими руками

Helpful hint: if you will make complex decoration of the case, then all the decorations have to do that immediately after you have sewn the zipper. If to decorate the pencil case you would just manually sew some beads, finished applique, then this can be done after the case is completely ready.

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