Where it is possible to tie a St. George ribbon

Every year on the eve of the Victory Day holiday handing out St. George’s ribbons. Most people, of course, take these ribbons, however, are often products and remain in the pockets, bags and glove compartments of cars for the reason that many don’t know how and where to tie this symbol of victory to it and looked beautiful and caused the condemnation of others.

Куда можно повязать георгиевскую ленту

If you have a St. George ribbon and you don’t know where it is possible to attach, you can use one of the following options:

— Tie the ribbon into a nice bow, a flower and fold it in the form of the letter «M» with zipper and attach with safety pins to the left on the chest closer to the heart.

— If you wear long sleeves, then tie it on top of sleeves at shoulder and tie a knot. The tape is not broken and carefully sew it to the product a hidden stitch.

— If you wear short sleeve, tie the ribbon at the wrist as a bracelet.

Drivers you can attach the ribbon to the left side mirror or to secure it to the antenna.

— It is permissible to wear the ribbon, tying it to the handle of your bag.

— Baby, you can tie the ribbon as tie.

Where not to wear St. George’s ribbon

In any case, do not use the tape in the form of laces or strap. If you cherish the memory of ancestors, exclude the wearing of ribbons as hair decorations. A sign of disrespect to the memory of the heroes and is wearing the St. George ribbon below the belt, and the use of products in the form of a collar for the animal.

How to make a bow from ribbon of St. George

Take the tape, cut the corners at an angle of 45 degrees and slightly scorch the slices. Put the ribbon in front of him in the form of loops.

Left hand hold the intersection of its ends and take the upper right Central part of the loop and move it down under the intersection of the ends that you hold with the left hand. Fasten the Central part of the bow or brooch or pin. If desired, sew or tie carefully thread in one of the colors of the product.

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