What dream wolves

Not always to dream of a wolf is a bad omen. This animal symbolizes not only a danger and a strong confrontation, but also nepotism, victory and friendship. The exact interpretation of the symbol of wolf in a dream depends on the context of what is happening.

волк во сне - не обязательно дурное предзнаменование

Peacefully sleeping wolf can symbolize an impending threat from one or more enemies. This dream warns against excessive carelessness and means that you need to be alert.

To dream of peacefully standing wolf also does not Bode well. It can be a symbol to reconsider their spending and to stop wasting money.

Many dream books interpret the image of a wolf, as a clear symbol of the enemy. Moreover, if to kill a wolf in a dream, in reality it portends a victory over enemies.

A pack of wolves dreaming of the strong friendship or family well-being. But, if in your dream there’s an awkward feeling from the proximity of predators, in fact, it may Herald ridicule by society.

Hear in a dream a wolf howl means the disclosure of some secrets. It can also be a sign of a conspiracy at work. Be before the pack of wolves means the impending confrontation. Moreover, the outcome of the battle in a dream predicts directly the result of the collision in reality.

Suffer from the bite of a wolf in a dream foretells health problems. According to the second interpretation – the wolf bite means squabbles, squabbles and even physical violence.

If in the dream you see a wolf attacking a deer, you in reality need to stay away from new businesses and initiatives – they will surely be a fiasco. Wolf, devouring the prey, symbolizes betrayal in a series of close – should look to their environment.

To experience in the dream pity toward the injured wolf or care for him foretells pleasant acquaintance with a kind and sympathetic person.

To see a wolf in your house symbolizes the problems with the law. If the predator something breaks or tears, then in reality you should wait for the senior person.

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