How to make beautiful background from any picture on photoshop

From almost any image using photoshop you can easily make a beautiful pattern. It can be used as Wallpaper, screensavers, printable on t-shirt or mug, etc.

Как сделать красивый фон из любой картинки в фотошопе

You will need

  • — photo, picture, any picture.
  • — photoshop or similar program.


1. Open the picture in photoshop.
I took a not very successful experiment in watercolor, scanned.

2. Give the layer effect overlay — multiplication.

3. Copy the layer, reflect it horizontal.

4. Once copied, turn 45 degrees (with Shift pressed).

5. Copy the last layer (at an angle), measured horizontally.
Repeat the procedure at different angles.
We get such a mandala. It’s already beautiful!

6. Combine all the layers. Copied and shift the resulting image in any variations to fill the sheet. Give each layer some overlay effect. Well usually helps — Multiplication.

7. Combine all the layers. Kaderwet how you like it. And not necessarily it should be symmetrical.
All received beautiful seamless pattern!
If the crop was not symmetrical, you will need to copy the next 4 resulting images and arrange them symmetrically relative to each other. Now the pattern is seamless! Rejoice and place it where intended.

8. As I said above, it can be absolutely any image. Here, for example: 1 — from the photo)), 2 — pattern denim.

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