How to exercise after laser vision correction

Get rid of glasses or lenses is a great relief. But if you actively play sports and love it, we have good news for you. After laser vision correction even need to do. Sports improve health and give energy.

Лазерная коррекция зрения

So, first you need to figure out what not to do after correli. The list of restrictions is as follows:

— sharp bends;

— jumping;

— work with weights;

exercises that cause sharp inflow of blood to the head.

Therefore, training with «iron» in the gym at once disappear, and inverted asanas in yoga. Oddly enough, but pushups and planks do not. Ottavio crossfit aside, let’s see what remains.


Lovers of strength training they often forget about stretching, but in vain. Stretching exercises help to regenerate muscles after a hard workout. Good flexibility also significantly reduces the risk of injury during strength exercises. Detailed technique of exercise, you can easily find on the Internet. Most importantly, make sure that there were no sudden movements! To warm up ideal slow squats-plie and leg swings.


Lessons on the elliptical trainer is also perfect as an alternative to standard training. It is important to be screened at the doctor’s fitness to determine the optimal threshold, which should be your heart rate during these workouts. Now there are many programs that run on ellipticheskim the simulator. They are often laid in memory of the simulator, and you can choose the program according to your objectives. Ellipticheskie simulator helps beautifully to develop the lower body: glutes, thighs, calves.


Oddly enough, Jogging can also be included in this list. There is a limit: if you decide to go Jogging, the time after the surgery is not very suitable for this. But if you are into Jogging for a long time and your cardiovascular system is well developed, then you can proceed your running exercise. Don’t forget that two months after the surgery — not the best time for new records. It is recommended to train at an average pace, perhaps with a little less intensity.

Training with foam roll

Recently in Russia is gaining popularity is training with the roll. Also called foam roller, foam roller. The most common are two kinds: foam and rubber rolls with spikes. Rubber with spikes better working muscles, but do not use them if you’ve never worked with roll — there is a risk that discourage you all desire to train with the projectile further. In the Internet many exercises performed with the roll, as well as detailed descriptions. The advantages of such workouts is that they help completely relax the muscle, remove all of the «uselock» that bring so much trouble to all the athletes and prevent the muscles fully develop, and improve circulation in the muscles.

Breathing exercises

Bodyflex technique and oxisols has long been on everyone’s lips, and for good reason. But for a number of reasons after surgery is only suitable occisis. Such exercises can replace a workout, but it needs to perform under the strict supervision of an experienced coach, at least at first, if never dealt with, otherwise it may result in the deterioration of health! So if your in the gym are training, you just go there.

In this list are included those kinds of workouts that will help you stay in shape during all the period of rehabilitation. Do not forget that safety is the Prime concern, so all exercises must be performed very expertly and without fanaticism. At the slightest sign of discomfort should immediately stop the workout!

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