About non-standard methods of identity formation

The Japanese believe that a child under 5 years of age – God. It all allow and forgive. The only thing I can afford older – strictly look at the scamp or alert saying that your actions are dangerous. But once the baby grow up a bit, as attitude changes in reverse – God turns into a rightless slave, who for ten long years, are subject to the strictest rules, limitations and prohibitions…

О нестандартных методах формирования личности

It is only when the little servant home marks 15 years – to it and begin to relate as equals. By this time, a teenager becomes the perfect «cog» for a model system – the law-abiding and unquestioningly performing their duties.
The Japanese have not accepted to be proud of the success of their children, publicly or covertly, to praise or scold them. The task of parents is to make the child an integral part of society, to teach the child not to attract attention and not to aspire to leadership. The Japanese woman who lost son in kindergarten in order to pursue a career, here called selfish. Men employed material support of the family, do not take in the educational process in any role.
The education of young contemporary Chinese conscientiously do public institutions. The mission of parents is to help certified educators «to mold» obedient, unassuming, industrious citizen, dovolstvovalas only the most necessary. In kindergarten the kids are already at three months of age, and in elementary school in eighteen months.
Girls, which until recently was considered almost useless, today, are learning along with the boys, and the ability to read, write, draw and talk at the same time possess virtually.
The situation when the baby two hours waiting for her mother at the store exit or trains willpower, abandoning the beloved «snacks» here – in the order of things. Children in China have no regrets – as soon as kids did the lessons, they were immediately taken aback by additional loads. Blind obedience, strict discipline and fanatical hard work in this country are the three pillars on which rests the material prosperity of the nation.
Someone from the classics once joked that the English love dogs more than children. This joke has some truth to it. The main task of English teachers – to raise kids the «iron» lady and gentlemen, and adults starchy the British do not Express emotions not only in relation to strangers. Family relations are also not distinguished revelation.
English grandmothers don’t know what «nursed grandchildren», because they have their own personal life, which no one has the right to encroach. All that we are capable of an aging English lady to gather the whole family at one table for Christmas or to spend with the kids a couple days a year. Parents are also not too sentimentalnaya to the offspring, but show admirable zeal in the line of duty: feed — give to drink, clothe and care that their child got into a decent school.

When young English people grow up, their, self-motivated and independent, sent to float freely.

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