Reward and punishment: how to influence the child

Many parents often wonder about how to punish or praise a child for doing something, and to get the desired result without adverse effects. It often happens, when for praise to be the birth of negative character traits such as self-indulgence, permissiveness and arrogance. Similar is the case with punishment.

Вознаграждение и наказание: как правильно воздействовать на ребенка

Terrified and angry child who didn’t explain to him his fault, will not be able to develop harmoniously in the future. It often happens that the child does not explain the basic rules of conduct, what is good and bad, how to act in certain situations and doesn’t instill morals.

According to psychologists and teachers, using physical methods in the upbringing of the child, not parents can achieve the desired result. There are some rules, following which parents will be easier to avoid the incorrect sentences.

In any case, not to punish the child by withholding food. Also no need to force him to read and write.

Parents must be firmly convinced of the guilt of the child.

Adults is a pattern of behavior that children inherit the. It will be difficult to show your child that you can not impolite to refer to elders, although the parent itself does.

Not to single out one child over another, not to set an example. If the punishment deserved both, in consequence should receive the same.

Never insult the child and not to belittle his dignity.

If the parent threatened punishment for misbehavior and the child still did it, you should not forget about the punishment. Thus, baby aware of the importance of words and decisions of an adult.

It often happens that the children’s actions themselves lead to punishment. And remembering about the consequences, the child will think whether to do so. For example, when my mother told me not to swing on the chair, so as to fall, or to wear mittens to cold hands.

Following the rule about equal punishment should praise the children, too, in the same way. This is true in families where more than one child. Some moms and dads especially do not pay attention to the strengths and successes of their child, as they believe that they can, so to pamper. Praise plays an important role in the development of the child, in its relation to activity, peace and consciousness. Parents, it is important sometimes just to be praised for the effort, when the kid really tried, but has not received the desired. It will be a positive reinforcement to ensure that in the future to achieve more.

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