Experienced advice: don’t!

In any even the perfect family quarrels happen, more commonly known as irreconcilable differences in the divorce. But still there are certain taboos to adhere to.

Советы бывалых: не надо так!

Don’t be vindictive. Everyone knows the saying «let bygones…». So in marriage, it does not work. Do not need to save a grudge, unspoken reproaches. It’s the past. If you want to speak in the same moment in which you have offended – go for it, but if you did not know what to answer, there is nothing to quarrel and be angry.

Don’t blame. Ah, what a sweet this weapon is guilt. But do not overdo it. If you constantly call this feeling the husband or children, you will never come to a common denominator. And the loss of confidence in your own strength you will even more divide.

Grieve not. When a person is angry, he knows what he is doing. During an argument, the words flow so incoherent flow, which has a place for everything. Learn to say to yourself, «Stop!», because of the insult, said with heat that can destroy the most strong and durable Union.

Know the measure. At the end of each case a person wants to obtain the result. So during an argument. Remember, what you want to come. Don’t argue for the fun of it, argue for the sake of the goal outlined.

Set boundaries. Never in my life can’t stand your family squabbles on people. Nobody, neither the neighbours nor relatives, friends should not know what is going on in your family. Everything has to be sealed with seven seals and your language too. Curr on people like birds, even if offended. And here give vent to his emotions. And don’t forget about the best reconciliation after a quarrel!

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