Intuitive nutrition: diet without dieting

In Russia, interest in the theory of intuitive nutrition only began to Wake up, when America and Western Europe, since the 70-ies of the last century, has already conducted serious research in this area and even opened a special clinic.

Интуитивное питание: диета без диет

However these clinics run by psychologists and psychotherapists. And this is true. Because the problem of excess weight lies not in the body but in the head. The concept is that all diets are harmful because they restrict the choice of foods, the usual food system. As you know, forbidden fruit is sweet. The more prohibitions, the more you want to break them.

Echoes of this method can be found in the recommendations of some dietitians, who think that during the diet should focus not on the thought that it is impossible, but rather that: «I can any vegetables, fruit, cereal, bitter chocolate». From such detention becomes easier.

Intuitive nutrition allows you to have everything, but to approach this reasonably. Often we eat not because they are hungry, and «for the company» because of the holiday. Moreover, the table «breaking» from foods, not because so many guests expected, but for the sake of their own well-being. Proponents of intuitive nutrition sure that the food in today’s society identifies everything. Birthday is celebrated with an exciting event for the whole family, feast, funeral feast, trouble at work «jammed», the success too.

When the cause of overeating is identified, excess weight easier to handle. Not to fight, but to cope. Need to find a passion that will replace the extra portion. Intuitive eating isn’t a diet, but a rational, balanced, healthy diet that has everything, but in moderate dosage. It is important to love your outer shell – the body. Not to beat myself over the extra 100 grams eaten, and to accept yourself as is, and to begin the journey of self-improvement.

In Russia there is an opinion that the theory of intuitive power belongs to the American Professor Steven Hawks, who summarized their research and their own expertise (Hawkes is also overweight) in 2005. However, the first basic provisions brought Teyla Weller in 70-m to year. In 1978, he published a book of psychotherapists Hirschmann and D. K. Munter called «Overcoming overeating». In 1995 followed the work of Evelyn Tribole and Eliza Dec.

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