Why blinking is switched off energy-saving lamp?

Trying to explain recurrent spontaneous flash off light, let’s remember that firmly entered our home appliances energy-saving lamps are usually compact fluorescent lamps (LLK) of popular, if I may say so, the caps E14 and E27, the next of kin of the notorious «fluorescent lamps». And problems at them the same.


How does a fluorescent lamp? Between two electrodes placed at opposite ends of a glass tube filled with a special gas mixture (phosphor we will mention, if necessary), burning arc electric discharge. It is controlled by special apparatus built into the lamp is started, is held within the desired and safe.

Here it is necessary to learn or remember something else: fluorescent lamp has a large internal resistance, because between the electrodes is not a traditional Explorer — only an inert gas, slightly spiced with an admixture of mercury vapor. And that electric arc could penetrate this gas mixture, full-time closing the electric circuit, the switchgear must provide him the best start. It is no coincidence that used in the classical scheme of incorporating a fluorescent lamp the starter is called a starter. It is his task to transmit an impulse to light the lamp, and a pulse of sufficient duration. For its formation there is a so-called resonant circuit that is created as part of the starter capacitor. Here it is-for us and important.

The thing is, when you use fluorescent lamps in circuits with the «indicator» switch we have a separate electric chain, supply led or neon illumination. And in this chain, of course, an electric voltage, which the capacitor of the lamp (he’s mad for it!) slowly accumulates. So the lamp is gradually charged is not enough to illuminate, but rather to try to do so. Here and there is a spontaneous outbreak, and the lamp again begins to accumulate a charge to try to ignite again. And again, and again…

Another possibility: if our switch (albeit without indication) «tears» is not a phase wire and a zero, then it is likely that energy-saving lamp again blinks.

What to do? You can replace LLK flashing lamp with built-in «soft start». The lights on some lamps you can try to use instead one of energy-saving lamps ordinary incandescent lamp. Or drop the switch with the indicator (you can just «suck» the chain of LEDs). Or correctly reinstall the switch (in the gap phase wires). And, finally, «Golden advice»: to consult a specialist.

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