Perfume Narciso Rodriguez

Духи Нарциссо Родригес

Fashion designer Narciso Rodriguez is known around the world due to their recognizable floral-musky perfume, which he released since 2003. On each new run of Narcisso working independently, working with world’s leading perfumers.

Perfume Narciso Rodriguez for Her

This perfume, released in 2003, became the hallmark of the designer. A recognizable scent and sleek bottle made him one of the most popular flavors in the world. It is designed for strong, self-confident and purposeful women who know what they want from life. Musky and floral notes of this fragrance from Narciso Rodriguez have a hypnotic effect on men, causing them to follow the possessor of such a scent on his heels. This perfume was awarded two prestigious prizes in the field of perfumery and became a real love for many women. Pyramid of the fragrance includes the following notes:

  • top notes: bergamot, osmanthus, African orange blossom;
  • middle notes: amber, musk;
  • base notes: patchouli, vetiver, vanilla.

Духи Нарциссо Родригес

Perfume Narciso Rodriguez Narciso

In 2014 we launched the new version of the classic fragrance from this designer. Perfume enclosed in a simple white rectangular bottle with a minimalist cover. Narcissa admits that she wanted to make a fragrance that turned men. It is based lay the favorite designer musky notes, but in General this perfume from Narciso Rodriguez turned out to be very powdery and expressive. Year of manufacture of spirits – 2014. Format: Eau de parfum:

  • top notes: rose, white Gardenia;
  • middle notes: musk;
  • base notes: vetiver, red cedar, white cedar.

Духи Нарциссо Родригес

Narciso Rodriguez for Her L’absolu

The aroma from Narcisso Rodriguez, which was released in 2015 and become a logical continuation of the collection of women’s fragrances from this designer. This time the famous bottle of spirits has acquired a rich deep red hue, and the name began to talk about even more filled with recognizable and unique compositions. Still the same charming, but exclusive, modern and less familiar:

  • top notes: Jasmine, tuberose;
  • middle notes: musk;
  • base notes: sandalwood, amber, patchouli.

Духи Нарциссо Родригес

Narciso Rodriguez Musc Rose

The love notes of musk and rose is clearly evident in the latest release of the spirits from the start Narcisso Rodriguez (2016). The spirits with the telling name Rose Musc is a fresh fantasy of beloved author combinations and flavors. This time a classic sleek bottle is transparent, and inside we see an unusually beautiful Golden filling consisting of the following notes:

  • top notes: Moroccan rose;
  • middle notes: musk;
  • base notes: labdanum, saffron, black pepper, patchouli, woody notes.

Духи Нарциссо Родригес

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