Herring — the benefits and harms

Селедка - польза и вред

What fish are recommended to eat regularly, you know, perhaps, all people. But still about the benefits and dangers of herring worth elaborating on because she is loved by many of us.

Useful than herring for the body?

In this fish contains vitamins D, 12, phosphorus and selenium. These minerals are necessary for bone tissue, they significantly increase the body’s resistance to various infections, as well as contribute to the improvement of the heart muscle. Therefore, the use of herring is very important, because regular consumption of this fish can strengthen the immune system and «forget about the disease».

Experts estimate that if a person eats 500 g of this fish per week, he gets the needed amount of protein, which is contained in it in large numbers.

Use of herring for women also lies in the fact that it has vitamin E and organic acids. These substances help to improve metabolism, make blood vessel walls more elastic, and therefore, slow down the aging process of skin cells. It is believed that if you eat food from this fish 1-2 times a week, the wrinkles will appear on your face soon, or the hair will start to grow much faster.

The benefits and harms of salted herring

Speaking of this dish, the experts Express their opinion ambiguous. On the one hand, it contains all the above vitamins and substances, on the other, the presence of large amount of salt makes the dish not so useful. To eat salted fish is strictly not for those who want to lose weight and those who have kidney disease. Salt will cause swelling, get rid of which will not be easy.

The rest of the people to eat this dish is not more often than 1 time per week. This will be enough to saturate the body with vitamins, but it will not cause a violation of water-salt balance.


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