Beef udder, the benefits and harms

Говяжье вымя - польза и вред

Cow nipples — not the most popular and favorite unlike, for example, from liver and heart, a by-product. Although the culinary traditions of the peoples of old, leading a nomadic life of Mongols, Kyrgyz, Tatars and others, he occupies a significant place. Many people do not know about the beneficial properties of the bovine udder and mistakenly consider it to be tasteless and difficult to prepare.

Than beef udder useful?

This by-product can and boil, and roast, and stew, use it to make stuffing, filling for pies etc. to taste, it resembles a language or tender ham. The udder must soak in water for a few hours, and then boil at least 60 minutes with spices, after which it can be used for cooking different dishes.

The use of bovine udder lies in its high nutritional value and dietary properties. Nutritionists recommend to include it in your diet people losing weight — one hundred grams of product contains only 172 calories. In addition:

  • this product is easily absorbed and digested;
  • in its composition are such valuable substances as collagen and elastin that are beneficial to the health of skin, hair and nails, stimulates the natural process of renewal;
  • the udder is rich in vitamins B1 and B2, and vitamin PP;
  • it is also high in iodine and sulfur, contains potassium, calcium, sodium, iron in easily digestible form;
  • the product is rich in proteins that can prolong youth and to boost immunity.

Harm the bovine udder

In addition to the benefits and harm from beef udder too, although it is relatively small. It is a very perishable food product, so when buying you should be extremely careful. Stale udder can seriously poison. In addition, there is a high probability of occurrence are hypersensitive to the product.


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