How many calories are spent in a state of mind?

Сколько калорий тратится в состоянии спокойствия?

Those who watches a figure, use different ways to maintain your weight in normal. One of the most popular is the method of counting calories that the body gets from food and then consumed. But many do not take into account that the energy the human body burns even when not moving. It is therefore important to know how many calories are spent in a state of tranquility, to compose an optimal menu and proper planning of the regime, not perevarivaya with exercise.

How many calories spent a day with a sedentary lifestyle?

If we do not move, it does not mean that life in our body freezes. Our bodies continues to consume energy for its operation, for spending this considerable amount of calories. Of course, they spend will still be less than active lifestyle.

It should be noted that the amount consumed per day of calories depends not only on lifestyle but also on age. After all, the older the person, the slower his metabolism. Therefore, a woman 18-25 years who do not engage in extra physical exercise and are mostly sedentary in the area, spend a day about 1800-2000 kcal, after 26 years, the prevalence rate is 1500-1700 kcal, with the beginning of menopause, the rate is reduced to 1400-1500 calories a day.

How many calories is spent on mental activity?

Many women today work in an office, doing mental activities. It is considered that it takes much less energy than physical work. But this is not entirely true. If you just do routine chores and do not experience strong emotions, we will spend only 2% of the total ingested energy. If you are worried or are experiencing stress, then the rate will increase to 12%. That is, in the normal state in the course of the working day, if you barely move, you will spend only 70 to 100 kcal. Сколько калорий тратится в состоянии спокойствия?If you will experience strong emotions, it will be 700-1000 kcal. The same effect can be achieved if a little more diluted intellectual activity physical exercise.

How many calories are spent in the dream?

Also it is useful to know how many calories spent during sleep. It all depends on the number of inactive hours of the night, because in an hour you can spend about 70 kcal. But only under the condition that the dream will be complete. Thus, having slept 7 hours required, you can effortlessly spend 490 calories.


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