Exercises for correct posture

Упражнения для исправления осанки

If you conduct an experiment in order to find people with ideal posture, the results will be disappointing. All because of the peculiarities of modern life, for example, often being in the incorrect position in front of the computer, lifting weights, etc. to fix this situation, you must perform exercises to improve your posture. The correct position of the back is important not only affects the appearance, but also directly affects health. To achieve this, it is important to train regularly.

The complex of exercises for posture

The best and most useful direction to align and strengthen the spine is yoga. Performed all to be in slow motion, allowing you to control the muscles. All the poses are simple but have their own nuances that should definitely be taken into account.

Exercises for correct posture:

  • To accept the position should lean forward, focusing on his hands. Your palms should be tightly pressed to the floor and the fingers spread, middle finger pointing forward. Hands should be stretched, with the shoulders is a bit to send out, which will reveal the chest. Relax your neck and drag your tailbone to the ceiling. Back should be flat and stretched. First, you can do the exercise standing on tiptoes and only since lower heels to the floor. If done correctly, the breath will be smooth and you should feel a disclosure of the body without any discomfort.
  • Упражнения для исправления осанки

  • One of the most popular and effective exercises for posture the back, which is called «Cobra». There are several options to implement, consider one that can be run only if there are no problems with the loin. Lie on the floor, putting his hands under his shoulders, and then straighten them and lift the abdomen and legs with knees above the floor. It is important not to hang on the hands, as this may lead to displacement of the vertebrae. You need to pull the body from head to fingertips. Pull the shoulders back and then down. The sternum should be disclosed, and the neck elongated. Shoulders should be placed over the palms and even a little to hang over the toes.
  • Упражнения для исправления осанки

  • Another useful exercise to strengthen the posture to which the left hand should grip the left ankle. Lift leg until thigh is parallel to the floor, and the toe of the foot should be directed upwards. The arm should be straight, and the elbow upward. To keep your balance, pull the other arm forward and hold it parallel to the floor.
  • Упражнения для исправления осанки


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