Gyrosigma diet menu for a week

Жиросжигающая диета – меню на неделю

Many people wanting to get rid of excess weight, prefer gyrosigma diet, about the benefits and dangers of which there is a lot of information. Plus of this method is that the extra pounds are, but muscle mass is maintained. The damage such a diet can bring in if the power will be scarce. Observing the presented tips, you can not be afraid of any negative consequences.

Menu gyrosigma diet for a week

Nutritionists recommend to make your own diet, including foods from the allowed list, which I like. Another tip – create menus for weight loss gyrosigma diet so that every day to eat at the same time, which will allow you to get used to the regime and to normalize the digestive system. Give preference to a fractional power. To achieve good results, combine diet and regular exercise.

Menu gyrosigma diet should be so that the body is getting the proteins, carbohydrates and fats. As has been said, to formulate a ration based on their own preferences based on the following number:

  • Proteins: a couple eggs, 180 grams of lean fish, 200 g of seafood or poultry, 120 g of lean meat, 100 g of cottage cheese, 60 g cheese, 30 g of nuts or 1 tbsp. low-fat milk.
  • Fruits and vegetables: 400 g vegetable salad, steam 300 g of vegetables, 300 g of fruit, 70 g of dried fruit, but the apples can be any number.
  • Carbohydrates: 200 g rice, buckwheat or pasta, 4 tablespoons of mashed beans or potatoes, 2 slices of wholemeal bread.
  • Fats: 1 tablespoon vegetable oil (for the day), 0.5 St. spoon butter, 100 grams of fatty fish, but not more than 2 times a 7 days.
  • After the diet recommended to go for proper diet otherwise there is a risk that pounds back.

    Жиросжигающая диета – меню на неделю  

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