Benefits of Nordic walking with sticks?

Чем полезна скандинавская ходьба с палками?

Nordic walking is found under different names, such as Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian, but involves the same kind of walk. This sport is a very successful symbiosis of relaxed walk in the fresh air and active physical activity. Classes possible regardless of the time of year and place of residence. In addition to engage in sports, do not need much expense, to practice just enough to pick up ski poles under your growth. In addition to technical convenience, this is a very useful exercise. So, how useful Nordic walking with sticks – we’ll talk further.

Use Nordic walking for health

Speaking about the benefits of Nordic walking, it is worth noting that this type of walking is very beneficial to your health and well being. The systematic training with measured load strengthens the heart muscle and vascular system. Because of the deep and uniform breathing well reveal light, making them healthier and this improves the whole respiratory system.

During one session a person can go quite a considerable distance, during which constant heart rate, which helps to normalize blood pressure and reduce bad cholesterol. Dynamic walking is included in the category of aerobic exercise and helps to reduce subcutaneous fat. During this distance, you will find 90% of the body muscles and most of the joints, which helps to strengthen the entire skeleton.

Walking with Nordic poles — the ideal alternative to heavy sport for people with overweight, with diseases of the musculoskeletal system and the elderly. Because the hands are constantly supporting sticks, which reduce the risk of a fall and distribute the load.

Чем полезна скандинавская ходьба с палками?

Rules of Nordic walking and its benefits

To walk benefits, you must learn its technique. For starters, you can try to go the normal step, thus carry sticks, holding them in the middle, so will be able to catch the rhythm. Then lower the stick and, taking a step with the right foot, push off with your left hand, stepping with the left foot, push off with your right hand.

When placed on any leg, it needs to be done on the heel first, then rolling on the whole foot, transfer the weight to the pad, and on the fingers. With the fingers of one foot without interruption have to step on the heel of the next foot.


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