Kangaroo for kids

Кенгуру для детейNewfangled devices are perceived with some scepticism by the older generation and by certain doctors. That is why many moms refuse to use such an incredibly convenient and practical things like carrying a kangaroo for children. How justified are their fears? Let’s find out.

When and from what age possible to wear baby in the carrier?

To turn the first walk in a fun, maintain a sense of intimacy, and therefore calm the baby, to free his hands – for these purposes the newly minted moms might come in handy kangaroo backpack for kids.

Today in shops of baby products parents can purchase faithful assistant – kangaroo-transformer. This model can be use almost since the birth of the baby, as to put in her child can be lying, and sitting. As the child gets older, around 5 months, when his spine will get stronger and he will begin to sit down and carry-cot can be transformed and already have a curious toddler in a vertical position.

There is a carry-kangaroo, the use of which is strictly limited to the age of the child. For example, those items where not available the horizontal position, can be used not earlier than 4 months, and only if, the availability of convenient headrest, cushions on the sides and protective hood.

In almost any kangaroo wearing baby can face me and Vice versa, it all depends on if he sleeps or is awake, and as much as he is interesting to watch others.

However, it is worth remembering that the time spent by the child in the bag you carry should be strictly regulated. It is advisable to get the crumbs from the kangaroos every 20-30 minutes and the total duration of stay should not exceed 1-2 hours. These measures are related to the fact that the baby is contraindicated for long periods in one position – the restricted movement can lead to stagnation of blood and fatigue. Also manufacturers do not recommend the use of kangaroos near the fire, in particular while cooking near the stove, when eating. So, wondering when you can carry a baby kangaroo, parents should be aware that the bag-carrying is not a panacea, but only a supporting device that will help while walking, shopping, and other urgent matters that require freedom of movement.

How to choose the kangaroo for the baby?

Convenience, comfort and security of crumbs placed in the kangaroo, directly dependent on the quality of the selected model. So, before you purchase any «kengurushka», you need to ensure:

  • the quality of the material from which it is made. Don’t forget that baby skin is tender and sensitive, so the inner layer of the bag should be made from natural materials;
  • secure anchorages. The straps on the baby carrier should be wide, seams durable, preferably double, the locking elements are strong. Make sure you have a rigid backrest and headrest convenient, especially if you’re going to use the kangaroo from the first months of baby’s life;
  • comfort. Manufacturers recommend to buy the kangaroo only after trying with the child. Because the only way to ensure that carrying the child in size, securely holds the head and back, rubbing her legs. In addition, extremely important factor when choosing a carry is the ease of use for mom. The latter should not experience difficulties with dressing and placement of the child. It is also important to check the presence of a lumbar belt, which will allow to evenly distribute the load;
  • the option to adjust the size of the bag and retaining straps.

Кенгуру для детей
Кенгуру для детей
Кенгуру для детей

Кенгуру для детей
Кенгуру для детей
Кенгуру для детей


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