Hormonal drugs for women after 40

Гормональные препараты для женщин после 40With the onset of menopause women’s body needs hormonal support, because data of biologically active substances in the body is synthesized. Their disadvantage is compensated by medication. Let’s talk about what hormonal drugs can be used to treat women with the purpose of correcting a hormonal background after 40 years.

What is usually prescribed to ladies in menopause?

The basis of hormone replacement therapy mainly consist of estrogen. These hormones are responsible for the occurrence in the female body of most physiological processes, especially those associated with the reproductive system.

A hormonal pill for women after 40 years is conducted on an individual basis. Typically, before prescribing medication, the doctor prescribes examination, which involves testing for hormones and ultrasound. Only after the results begin the therapeutic process.

If to talk specifically about hormonal drugs for women after age 40, we can distinguish the following medications:

  • Vero-Danazol — refers to a group of hormonal preparations that are assigned, including during menopause. Most often, it is recommended to 200-800 mg of the medication 2-4 times a day. It all depends on the specific situation. This tool relates to microtoponym drugs, because the duration of its use is usually up to 6 months.
  • Divina is used in a specific pattern, which should be agreed by the doctor. Most often, the woman is recommended to take 1 tablet for 21 days, and then appoint a break lasting 7 days. Usually at this time there is the appearance of discharge that vaguely resemble menstrual. After taking the drug resume. Therapy with the help of these pills you can start anytime after period stopped, or did they become irregular.
  • Divisek is also used in hormone therapy for women after 40 years. As a rule, appoint 1 tablet daily for months.Гормональные препараты для женщин после 40 Medication is at one and the same time. When it is received simulated natural menstrual cycle that originates with estrogenic phase.
  • Women after 40 can also be assigned hormonal contraceptives to maintain hormonal levels. These include:

    • Select;
    • The regulon;
    • Jeannine;
    • Marvelon.


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