How coffee grows?

Как растет кофе?

In the tropics, near the equator – one parallel above and below him grow amazing coffee trees. From their fruit for many centuries get coffee beans, which grow very slowly, but the longer the process of ripening, the better the product.

The country where coffee grows

States that produce coffee beans for about seventy, but they don’t all grow the commodity are of excellent quality. Get the best coffee in the tropics, at an altitude of 600 to 1200 meters above sea level.

Cuba, Guatemala, Brazil, Ecuador, Java, Indonesia and the Philippines are the main suppliers of coffee beans. Deliver raw materials to us both raw and roasted. About how coffee grows, you know not all. It turns out that coffee tree – a very gentle creature that requires a lot of attention. Remember the Brazilian TV series about the slaves on the coffee plantations – their work was considered very heavy. Not changed position and now, as the whole work is a practical manual.

For the cultivation of fragrant beans require high humidity, high temperature, large number of Sunny days a year. But the cooling for coffee trees is very dangerous. The temperature of +8 Celsius are already capable to destroy the plant completely.

For the year, one tree can be collected only three pounds of beans, which is why plantation of coffee trees stretch for tens of kilometers, because in order to harvest a good crop, need lots of plants.

Growing coffee in Russia?

Let’s learn how to grow coffee at home, and all the strength to grow it on the windowsill.

To grow a coffee tree, it is better to use a sapling, rather than trying to get a plant from the beans. Germination is rather low, and planting material is often Как растет кофе?unknown, the gathering.

The ground coffee needs to be slightly acidic, loose and moderately moist for the harmonious development of the plant. Pot with coffee tree it is advisable to keep on the South-West window sill at temperatures up to 27°C in summer and below 15°C in winter. The plant needs regular spraying and watering warm pooled water.

5-8 years patient the host can see the first blooms of the Bush with further ovary the fruit, and after aging to obtain a flavored drink from your own windowsill. But all this will happen with proper maintenance of the Bush without stressful situations, change of place, draughts and modulations.


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