How to grow cinnamon?

Как растет корица?

Scones with sweet cinnamon taste to many, but not every fan knows how to grow cinnamon in nature. Prepare it in rather unusual way – let’s learn how.

Growing cinnamon?

The best quality spice grown in Sri Lanka. Slightly worse quality cinnamon is grown in India, on the island of Java and Sumatra. But the fakes on the world market too – in Vietnam, China and Indonesia produce a spice from a plant called «cinnamon tree,» which has a similar flavor, but do not possess the properties of true cinnamon. It is called Cassia, which is often give out for cinnamon.

Not everyone knows what a tree is cinnamon, and as it grows. It is an evergreen tree that reaches a height of 15 meters, but it grows short as the duration of his life only two years. After this age, the tree is cut down at the root, and the stump grows the young shoots in large numbers.

It is from these shoots and it turns out the cinnamon. Remove them with a thin layer of bark, which when dried is braided into tubes. After drying, the tubes are cut into pieces up to 10 cm in length and are sent for export.

Use cinnamon?

The use of spices is very diverse. Using cinnamon prepareКак растет корица? the mulled wine and hot herbal teas, it is used to flavor sauces for meat dishes. But most often spices used in cooking – add in baking, flavoured sugar and they filled tea, in marinades and pickles.

Besides the use of cinnamon in food produced from plant cinnamon essential oil, which has excellent antimicrobial activity and is an antioxidant. But it cannot be applied to young children and pregnant women.

If you haven’t tried cinnamon rolls – this needs to be corrected urgently. After all, this addition to the cakes will make any holiday tea party, through divine aroma of the East.


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