How to grow black pepper?

Как растет черный перец?

Well-known black pepper traces its history back to very ancient times. He was one of the first Indian spices, once conquered Europe, starting with Rome and Ancient Greece.

Where black pepper grows?

It is clear that the home of such plants as black pepper is India – or rather, its South-Western coast. It is a classic spice obtained from the fruit of the tree vines.

Over time, the pepper was imported to Indonesia and other countries of South-East Asia. Later he came to Africa and America. Today it is cultivated in Java, Sri Lanka, Borneo, Sumatra and Brazil.

The question of where the black pepper grows in Russia, the answer might be that it can cultivate everywhere, if you provide suitable conditions. It is often grown right on the window sill, and better to do it on the East and West Windows.

How to grow black pepper?

Black pepper is a typical tropical plant. It refers to tree lianas from the family of pepper. In height can reach six meters. Wild in woods, the vine wraps around trees, as on the plantations for her construct special supports.

The first fruits appear three years after planting. Receive a spice after collecting unripe red berries, which are dried in the sun during the week. It is in the process of drying, the berries turn black.

If you collect ripe fruits (they turn yellow-red), after drying and cleaning of the outer shell will turn white pepper. It has a more delicate taste, strong and noble aroma.

If gather really green unripe fruits will be the most flavorful of all peppers. However, during its manufacture requires special processing technology.

What to sharpness of pepper, taste this indicator depends on the content of piperine. In addition, the pepper contains such substances as starch, essential oil, hawazin, fatty oils, pyralin and sugar. At wrong storage of the harvested pepper essential oils evaporate out of it.


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