How to use a compass?

Как пользоваться компасом?

Despite the advent of modern navigational AIDS, the relevance of compasses is not gone. Sometimes we really need this helper, because it has several advantages. For example, it is not running out of power at the most inopportune moment, so in the field he will not fail us.

How to learn to use a compass?

Actually, to learn how to use this device is not difficult. For this you need a map and compass. And before you learn how to use a compass, we need to understand how it works its principle of operation.

The appearance of the compasses may differ significantly, however they are all constructed on the same principle. The compass has a magnetic needle that points to the Earth’s poles.

The arrow moves along the scale of graduations which is divided into 360º. Also on the panel, a compass for ease of navigation there are the orienting lines parallel to the arrow.

To start using the compass, place it on your palm and hold it up to your chest. Exactly how to hold the compass while travelling. When you need to consult the map, put it on a hard flat surface, lay on top the compass. Then take a look at the magnetic needle.

If you need to the North, turn the compass until the direction of the arrow does not coincide with the appropriate mark on the scale. Similarly, you can find all the other directions.

Remember that the difference between the geographic North pole (the highest point of the map) and magnetic North pole can differ by several degrees due to an inhomogeneous magnetic field of the Earth.

To consider even the slightest deviation, because you can go somewhere completely different than I planned to get. You need to know in advance the magnetic declination in the area where you will travel. Adjust the rate, subtracting or adding to it the required number of degrees.

Just before leaving for the journey, properly train at home, so without hesitation know how to use a compass in the apartment.

How to use a compass in the woods?

When driving through the woods, you need from time to time to determine the direction by rotating the compass. Rotate it until the arrow directions does not coincide with the direction taking into account the magnetic variation of the area.

Keep moving in a given direction, holding the compass correctly. Checking with him, be careful not to move the panel divisions. To follow in the right direction, look into the distance and tell myself there is a landmark – a tree, a pole. When he reached the landmark, determine the following and continue.

If the forest is very dense and visibility is limited, we split up with a companion. Ask him to go in the direction indicated by the compass, if necessary, correct it. When he leaves the field of view, okretnice and stop him.

How to use digital compass in the phone?

Modern phones are equipped with many useful features. Including, GPS navigation. This allows to determine the object’s location to within a few meters, Как пользоваться компасом?which is very convenient in an unfamiliar city.

The principle of the compass in the phone is quite simple. It determines the rotation angle of the mobile phone, giving data on the screen. It works based on GPS-Navigator, from which the signal arrives at the sensor in the phone. The digital compass reads the information and gives it to the user.

Data from the digital compass visible on the map GPS-Navigator. To determine the cardinal direction can be further installed on the phone dedicated application. With this compass you will easily be able to navigate in an unfamiliar city, finding the right objects.


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