When to plant radish in the greenhouse in the spring

Radish is one of the first vegetables that we can harvest on my plot after winter. This is incredibly useful vegetable like not only adults, but also children, and the salad it is a favorite spring dish of the vitamin for most families.

Когда сажать редис в теплице весной

When to sow radishes in the greenhouse in the spring

When to plant radishes in the spring is a pretty common question gardeners, who decided on his plot to grow a crop of these vegetables. To answer it, you need to consider factors such as weather conditions, if the greenhouse is heated. If the greenhouse is not heated, in the spring radishes can be planted in March or April, but preliminary necessarily follow that the soil was soft to a depth of not less than five centimeters, if heated — since February. If radishes are planted in the last month of winter in a heated greenhouse, then the roots will form in 50 days, in March — for 30-35 days, in April — less than a month.

How to plant radish in the greenhouse in the spring

If you decide to plant radishes in the greenhouse in spring, the soil condition it is necessary to think in advance and in the autumn, if required, to fertilize it with compost, dig over the soil and equalize it. The choice of planting material should also be approached with the utmost seriousness. Preference is given to large seeds, which reach sizes of 2.5 mm and more.

For planting in a greenhouse preferred following classes: «Early red», «dawn», «Moat», etc. to Calculate the amount of seed is easy. On average, one square meter requires about five grams of seeds. To select seeds, it helps to sift them through a sieve with the hole diameter of two millimeters, and to disinfect — treat with a solution of potassium permanganate.

Seeds should be sown manually, being careful not to thicken them, put the seeds on a distance of a few centimeters from each other to further not had radishes to thin out. The distance between rows 6-10 inches, planting depth is one centimeter.

How to care for radishes in the greenhouse

Germination of radish occurs even at a sufficiently low temperature of only +2 degrees, but much quicker to see the shoots can while maintaining the optimum culture temperature +16…+18 degrees.

After mass you will notice the shoots, try to create the temperature not above 10 degrees, to avoid excessive pulling of seedlings. After five days the temperature can raise to +20 degrees in the daytime and + 10 in the night.

Water the plants need at least once in two or three days, in any case preventing drying of the soil. Avoid all sorts of pests it is recommended to treat the planting with a mixture of tobacco dust and wood ash.

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