Complex repair of balcony

The whole complex of repair work on the construction of balcony space is carried out in several successive stages. The first of them is the strengthening of a reinforced concrete slab of the balcony.

Комплексный ремонт балкона

If a balcony slab is badly damaged, then its design needs to fully recover. Fit a special metal grid of rebar, then poured concrete solution. Received the plate expands until it reaches the size of the balcony and fixed in a channel in the wall. At the very end is mounted the parapet.

The next stage is the strengthening of parapet necessary to make the balcony’s ability to withstand heavy window system. The metal tubular structure is attached by welding to the base of the parapet.

Complex repair of balcony space also includes meeting the exterior trim. It is intended to protect balcony structures from various external influences, providing the necessary heat and sound insulation and to prevent all sorts of mechanical damage. Plating can be done from many materials such as metal, vinyl siding, plastic siding, etc. the Molded plastic must be used for balconies, protected from strong wind gusts.

The next stage involves the execution of glazing all the free space. This process depends on the type of balcony construction. The regular balcony, you can glaze with use of domestic or foreign profile together with double glazing. The latter can be either single chamber or dual chamber with high energy saving characteristics and profiles — five-chamber.

If the balcony room has an original configuration or shape, it is possible to realise modern glazing with Bay Windows. In the absence of a quality roofing over the balcony glazing is not carried out. Modern balcony roof there are three types:

1) frame;

2) modular;

3) framework.

The most popular option is the frame kind of roof, which has small weight.

At the end of the repair of the balcony space is good insulation. All wall surfaces and ceiling are insulated using mineral wool or foam. As for floor, the insulation is either hydraulic or electrical method. The last stage of repair of the balcony of the room is the interior trim that runs wood, plastic paneling, plasterboard or MDF panels.

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