Cancer from the point of view of Ayurveda

Ayurvedic approach to cancer. Why and how cancer cells are able to proliferate uncontrollably. And what does ancient medicine on this occasion.

Раковая клетка

At once I apologize, if it hurt the feelings of the traditional doctors and modern medicine. I don’t mean to offend.

Ayurveda does not deny modern medicine.

Obviously, modern people can not do without it. We do not know how to give birth, to remove toxicity and analgesic, to treat themselves. Well I do not know how. And get sick more and more often. The diseases themselves look younger. Ayurvedic doctors understand this and even urge us to «Use only fair, all the benefits that can offer modern physicians».

This article is about cancer, but at the same time about generally the approach to yourself, to your body, your health or ill health.

So, every cell in our body knows what to do. She is able to eat, flush waste, share. Such cells are in your mind. His name is DNA. This kind of a center that distributes commands: here you need to be part of the Liver, and you become a Blood cell.

A cancerous cell is a cell that will do what you want. We all know people who all are dreaming to break the system, not to work, to do what they want. And that nothing for it was not. Something like this and wants the cancer cell. It ceases to receive signals from the center and therefore behaves as he wants. Multiplies uncontrollably, creating a sarcoma and so forth, and then in the composition of tumors allows himself to grow into other tissue or migrate throughout the body.

Ayurveda believes that a cancer cell is the normal, healthy cell of the body with which something happened. Breaking. On a cell grows some sort of shell. Shell, covering the surface of a cell, jamming the signals of DNA. And then infects neighbors or steal from them nutrients and oxygen.

The causes of breakdowns all the same:

  • Smoking, abuse of anything;
  • chemicals at home and at work;
  • additives, hormones in food;
  • stress, genetics;
  • viral diseases.

But another approach to the disease.

Ayurveda does not emit cancer as something terrible-a terrible, incurable. Yeah, it’s hard treated. It is about the breakdown of relationships with DNA. Influence of breach of this level is harder than the finger cut off. And at the same time, fear of the disease kills no less than the disease. So doctors-followers of Ayurveda urge to panic nor breed, nor stand on a pedestal of cancer, and to change the approach to this problem.

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