What dream hair

Hair in a dream are a reflection of the self. What happens to them, testifies to the experiences and upcoming events in the fate of someone having hair. It is also important that the hair covers the part of a human skull in which are located the points of absorption and radiation of energy that connects with the cosmos. So what happens to hair during sleep, may be associated with emotional experiences and spiritual research.

Волосы во сне могут быть хорошим и дурным знаком

Combing hair in a dream means a desire to put things in order, to deal with the small but challenging and painful situations. According to the second interpretation – this dream foretells retribution for frivolous behavior.

A negative value carries a dream in which hair falls out. It indicates a loss of power, or future feelings about elementary physical fatigue. Such a dream indicates the need to take a breather.

Thus, to see yourself in a dream with a thick shock of hair has a return value – in reality forces will only increase. According to another interpretation – thick hair in the dream suggest about wealth and wellbeing. MOP of fiery hair also portends a plentiful and comfortable existence.

To see yourself in a dream with black hair the owner of hair of a different color promises to soon produce an unexpected and pleasant gift.

Unusually long hair in a dream portend an unpleasant and embarrassing situation in the future. The same meaning has the character of tangled hair.

Definitely a bad omen – to dream of yourself with thinning hair or bald spots. This dream promises trouble and disease and lack of energy. Completely bald reflection in the mirror opposite, promises unprecedented luck.

Curled in sleep tight doll curls promises a quick meeting with an old acquaintance.

To braid hair in braids portends difficulties and future changes. Not the best sign promises a dream in which hair dye in another color – it can mean a speedy undeserved charge.

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