Hair care

At all times the main decoration of women were considered beautiful, well-groomed hair. They need nutrition, vitamins, cosmetics. You should avoid stress, do not abuse strict diets. A healthy lifestyle, normalization of hormonal background will give you the natural beauty of hair.


Many women dissatisfied with the volume and Shine of my hair. Modern beauty industry offers a variety of cosmetic products and treatments by which these problems are easy to solve.

Alopecia – hair loss. However women with this problem is genetically unusual. Hair loss mainly affects men. It has long been proven that receding hairline in men – it is the result of increased testosterone. Women are protected by estrogen. While the hormones of the woman stable, their mouths practically threatens nothing. But as soon as there is a decrease in estrogen levels, hair starts to thin out. Causes of unstable hormonal levels can be the birth of a child, treatment of endometriosis, or during menopause. In the stabilization of hormonal levels, the hair is again coming back to normal. But if this issue bothers more than 6 months, you should consult a doctor – trichologist.

The main causes of alopecia are:

• Poor diet. The problem of hair loss primarily relates to those girls who sit on strict diets. Because along with the pounds disappear and a beautiful hairstyle. It happens because of a lack of vitamins of group b, C and PP, as well as minerals and trace elements: iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium and potassium. It is therefore very important to make up for the loss of these vitamins. But vitamin a should be more careful, an excess also leads to hair loss.

• Low immunity. On the condition of the hair can affect the surgery, various infections, prolonged use of antibiotics, chemotherapy, depression and stress. In this case, first we need to get rid of the disease, and then already to do my hair.

• Too strict hairstyle. To weaken the hair and thereby cause hair loss can tight bunches on the back of the head or ponytail.

• The seasonal factor. In the spring, when there is a noticeable lack of vitamins, sun and heat, hair becomes dull and lifeless. The solution is simple – stick to a healthy lifestyle and take vitamins. But perming, hot dryer, coloring does not lead to alopecia. And although the hair after long experimentation lose their appearance, looks dull, split ends appear, become brittle, but the bulb itself is not destroyed.

To keep your hair looking luxuriously, you must:

• To avoid stress.

• In the winter be sure to wear hats. Don’t go outside with a wet head.

• When using the dryer is recommended to protect hair heat resistant means.

• Not to take hormonal contraceptives for a long time.

To radical methods of combating hair loss include mesotherapy, application of currents d’arsonval treatment and medication. Also very useful at least once a week to do the head massage. It will improve the circulation, and hence stimulate the flow of oxygen to the hair follicles.

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