Six ways to make the kids had fun

Summer is a great time for outdoor fun with your children. However, sometimes the days are long, and you have not enough imagination for a fun pastime. Here are some ideas that will help you to increase your activity and get some fresh air this year.

Шесть способов сделать так, чтобы дети повеселились

The apartment

Lying on the floor in turn turn to each other. Decorate the room with pictures funny clothes and funny faces. To make this project educational, you can read the book ‘Flat Stanley’.

In the garden

You give your child a valuable experience, teach him responsibility and get a lot of positive impressions, growing crops. If you have the time and inclination, you can make the entire landscape edible and delicious. Agree, it would be great to wander around the yard, plucking juicy berries. Blueberry, strawberry, herbs and fruit trees not capricious in care. Some vegetables, like tomatoes, need nothing more than plenty of water and sun that they grow like weeds. Start small and see what happens.

Gymnastic hoops

Your child ever tried to twist a Hoop? Teach him how to do it. Then take the Hoop in your hand and arrange circus in the yard or try to get the dog to jump over it. Use imagination and fantasy.


Teach your children this exciting entertainment. Let’s draw the structure. Remember how you drew the squares and how many you have skipped a day? Perhaps they will do the same.

Soap bubbles

Balloons are always a favorite. Chase the bubbles and pop them. You can also use special sticks to make balloons of different shapes and size.

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