7 of the rules of setting and achieving goals

How to be successful? To understand that you really need and how to achieve this? These issues are very serious. You can use the advice of specialists. Following their recommendations, your life will improve markedly.


Most people want to live better. But only a few can answer a simple question about what exactly they want to aspire to. To get what you want, you first need to understand what exactly you want. Decide what is included in the notion «to live better», «becoming successful». Think about it, aren’t these imaginary desires and goals. They will bring you true joy when they come to fruition. To understand this, imagine that desired is achieved. Analyze what you’re feeling? Are you happy and the people close to you? How has your life changed after that?

For achieving the targets use the following rules, which have long been used by all successful people.

1. Decide what and when you want. Make the specifics of his plans. Decide what should be the level of your income. What brand and model machine you want? What layout will be at your apartment? When you want to take a certain position? With this method you will significantly increase the probability of the realization of their aspirations.

2. Write down all your goals clearly and in detail. Make up sentences in the present tense. For example: «I am the owner of a construction company» or «I’m earning five hundred a month.» Writing down your goals you are programming your subconscious mind for a positive result, fill the desire of energy. An unwritten goal is just a wish, a dream. State of the Universe, the seriousness of his intentions.

3. For each goal, be sure to set a deadline. Divide the big goal into smaller and choose when to be achieved each of them. Only it will force you to keep moving forward. Set realistic deadlines for your goals. Do not try for one day to move mountains, but do not tighten the extreme date.

4. Make a list of tasks that you must perform to achieve its goals. Perhaps over time your list will increase with new tasks. For example, you are fond of photography and want to turn your hobby into a profitable business. Think you need to take? You may want to enroll in training courses, study a variety of graphical editors for photo processing, to communicate with experienced professional photographers to improve their skills.

5. When the task list is written, turn it into an action plan. Determine which goals are essential and find a way to solve them. Making the plan, don’t forget about deadlines. Don’t try to cover everything. It is unreal. Stick to the deadlines, and the result will surprise you.

6. Go ahead, stick to the plan. Don’t delay anything. Every day take steps that will help you get closer to the targets.

7. Make it a rule once a quarter to analyze their actions. Review your goals and plans. Consider whether they have lost relevance. Analyze your achievements over this period. Do you assign tasks? Did your efforts to positive results? Adjust your plans and objectives as needed.

Always know your goals, constantly looking for new ways to achieve them. The road by walking!

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