How to wash a down jacket, if the fur is not detachable

Winter frost is behind us and it’s time to get spring clothes. Of course, I want the jacket pre-washed already clean and put away. No problems in the wash, when the fur is removable. However, in some models, this winter wear it is not working. How can that be?

Как стирать пуховик, если мех не отстегивается

Wash the down jacket today, no one causes trouble. Many Housewives were accustomed to wash this kind of clothes in the washing machine-the machine with tennis balls. And it can be done in normal mode with the wringer. But the Laundry down jacket with fur trim as decoration raises many questions. Natural fur before sewing stretch when wet. So if he’s wet, he «dubeet» and becomes brittle.

But, in practice, the above concern is true for coats and hats. A thin strip of fur trimming from Fox, mink or fur of the Tsigal sheep is well tolerated washing in the washing machine. It is important to consider some of the subtleties:

  • be washed in a delicate mode at a temperature of 30 degrees;
  • use a Laundry liquid detergent;
  • long fur is still wet comb with a comb with rare teeth and a short brush (brush for animals);
  • dry away from heating pipes.

Modern manufacturers produce many different liquid detergents. There is even a special for fur. If I couldn’t buy something similar, is quite suitable shampoo or liquid soap. In any case, it is better than powder. It is advisable when rinsing, add conditioner more than other clothes.

When drying no need to rush a natural process, helping the wringing hands, wiping with a towel etc. I Must say that the result depends more on the quality of the fur. Good fur after washing does not climb and is not deformed.

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