How to give stylish appearance

Studying the subtleties of the image, taking into account your color type, you’ll be sure to look at 100%!


In order to look stylish, you need to consider the really important features.

1. Colors.

Each person has a color type. It’s easy to learn. Turning to the Internet, you can easily determine your color type. To create a stylish appearance, this criterion is of great importance. As a rule, it is necessary to start harmonizing with the complexion and clothing. Because some colors can only aggravate the pallor and pain of the face, while others may emphasize its freshness and purity.

Your color type can be determined by two criteria: the contrast of the skin and the predominant skin tone (warm or cool). According to these features, you must choose the clothes that will be in harmony with the complexion. Warm colors suggest the presence of yellow shades and cold shades of blue.

2. Especially faces and figures.

A real lady always tries to look perfect. The ideal female figure is considered hourglass shape, and the ideal of face – oval. However, do not despair, if you do not have these proportions. And other forms can look quite attractive. But if you aspire to the generally accepted ideal, some guidelines on choosing the appropriate wardrobe will not hurt you.

Primarily emphasize the waist, because this part of the body – the main criterion of femininity.

Stick to the rules of the triangle. For triangular shapes, you need to choose silhouettes with inverted triangle and Vice versa. Owners of round faces should choose square necklines and Vice versa.

To focus attention on the most attractive areas on the body. To visually lengthen your legs and increase height, you need to pick clothes in the same key.

3. The choice of style.

Stylish image always requires consideration of individual circumstances. To feel on top, you need to choose the most comfortable styles of clothing and accessories and assemble them properly. But before that you should carefully reconsider. The combination of styles can lead to attractive or spectacular image or to the image of Sluts.

4. Take into account your age.

For every age has its own highlight in the image. Therefore it is better to choose clothes and accessories, taking into account their age category. Otherwise it may not look quite appropriate.

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