Fito filter for aquarium

Фитофильтр для аквариума

The role of plants in the biological equilibrium of the aquarium is huge. But not every aquarium can be planted. Goldfish eat them, cichlids dig in the ground and dig, and for keeping discus need a fairly high temperature, so that many plants do not survive. Therefore, for the maintenance of fish need a phytofilter for the aquarium to purify water from phosphorus and nitrogen compounds, which can be achieved only live greenery.

The device of phytofilter for the aquarium

A phytofilter is a portable tray, in which grow plants in the open air, and their roots are in the water of the aquarium. It is their roots and provide additional process water filtration.

The roots of plants growing in water, due to the large surface produce oxygen and become a refuge for beneficial bacteria. They provide the optimal balance in the aquarium water.

Uneaten food pollute the water and waste products of the fish, and the roots suck water from nitrate harmful substance and clean it.

The device filter is simple – design for plants with holes is attached to the wall of the aquarium or embedded in the cover. In the tray are planted potted plants and in contact with the water in the aquarium by sucking it from harmful compounds. For indoor plants, these compounds are useful.

Plants that are used for phytofilter for the aquarium should have a greater resistance to rotting of the roots and good growth rate.

This will perfectly suit Chlorophytum – undemanding plant with narrow leaves; Spathiphyllum is growing rapidly and has an elongated shiny leaves; the money plant is a creeper, has a long and flexible stems, tradescantia, ficus and various others.

Thus, a phytofilter is a useful thing for the aquarium. With it, you can give the living area an unusual beautiful look and to provide additional care and cleaning for fish.


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