When do kittens change teeth?

Когда у котят меняются зубы?

Also, like people, cats are born without teeth. Over time, toddlers begin to show the first milk teeth which later starts to fall.

The question of how and when do kittens change teeth on persistent worries many caring owners. Because, as you know, in humans this process is quite lengthy, painful and restless. In this article you’ll find the answers to all these questions.

When do kittens change teeth?

2 weeks after the birth of the animal incisors appear first, after a week or canines, and then molars. 3 months the pet already has 26 deciduous teeth. However, he does not feel any discomfort.

When do kittens change teeth, he is feeling somewhat different. On average this process takes place at the age of 4 to 7 months. It’s hard to tell, since it depends on the characteristics of the organism of the animal. Only healthy kitten grows exactly 30 teeth. The first to appear incisors (3-4 months), after 2-3 weeks — canines, erupt the latest root premolars and molars (4-6 months).

Notice when the kitten are changing teeth, it is very easy for the symptoms. That in the mouth of a pet changes, evidenced by increased salivation and anxiety even while eating or drinking. The animal tries to bite everything that gets in sight. Also the baby may lose appetite, weakness, lethargy often there is pain and irritation in the mouth.

During the period when kittens vary teeth, to distract Pets from the unpleasant sensations helps a special toy with a rough surface, preferably chilled in the freezer. With its help, the baby may scratch and soothe irritated gums.

It is very important when kittens change teeth, provide him with a proper diet, rich in phosphorus and calcium. It is possible to use mineral supplements or special foods.


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