Crispy pizza dough

Хрустящее тесто для пиццы

Few will be able to deny yourself the pleasure to eat a piece of fragrant homemade pizza. Especially appetizing and tempting wares on a crispy pastry. We’ll talk today and tell you how to make a crispy base for pizza with yeast and without their participation.

How to make a delicious thin crispy pizza dough — recipe without yeast


  • wheat flour – 320 g;
  • warm milk – 125 ml;
  • vegetable refined oil – 35 ml;
  • two eggs;
  • a pinch of salt.


In a large bowl sift flour and mix it with a pinch of salt. In a separate bowl beat eggs at room temperature, pour in lukewarm milk, vegetable oil and mix with a fork or whisk until blended but not whipped. Pour the liquid Foundation to the flour with the salt and produce the batch, ensuring the homogeneity and plasticity. If necessary, you can add a bit more flour. Knead the dough for ten minutes, and then wrap a moist towel or fabric piece and leave at room temperature for about fifteen minutes.

After that, roll flour received the ball on the flour covered surface as thin as possible, and transfer to oiled baking sheet. Fill a pizza to your liking and bake in the heated oven for about thirty minutes, setting temperature level is 180 degrees.

From such a test can be formed as one large pizza and small, splitting it into pieces, laying them on a piece of parchment and rolled round to the reservoir.

Delicious yeast dough for pizza with a crispy crust


  • filtered water – 120 ml;
  • sugar – 10 g;
  • cream margarine – 145 g;
  • sour cream – 85 g;
  • wheat flour – 480 g;
  • one teaspoon dry yeast;
  • Хрустящее тесто для пиццы

  • one chicken egg;
  • a pinch of salt.


Mix lukewarm water with sugar and dry yeast and allow to dry components dissolve. While the yeast activated in warm, sift on a wide cutting Board with flour, lay on her soft creamy margarine and processed components with a knife, seeking to obtain fine crumbs. Formed on the center of the recess, trying to drive the egg, add sour cream, toss a pinch of salt, pour in the yeast mass and knead soft to the touch, elastic and does not stick the dough. Give it to stand in a bowl in the warmth and comfort of thirty minutes and up, and then start making pizzas. For the partial flour lump into pieces of desired size and roll out as thin as possible. We coat the Foundation with a suitable sauce and fill the pizza according to your taste and bake at temperature at 210 degrees for half an hour.


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