Stuffed Turkey

Фаршированная индейка

From Turkey, you can prepare real delicacies, especially if you stuff it harmonious set of ingredients and bake in the oven. For such a preparation can be used as poultry fillets and drumsticks. Similar versions of dishes we offer in our recipes below.

Stuffed Turkey breast baked in the oven — recipe


  • fillet of Turkey breast and 1.2 kg;
  • ham or bacon – 260 g;
  • cheese – 130 g;
  • the blue cheese – 85 g;
  • fresh Basil leaf – 3-4 PCs.;
  • olive oil – 25 ml;
  • table salt;
  • fine ground mixture of five peppers;
  • aromatic herbs;
  • butter;

For the sauce:

  • classic mayonnaise – 220 g;
  • white wine vinegar – 10 ml;
  • fresh herbs Basil – 2-3 sprigs;
  • a pinch of sugar;
  • a pinch of salt.


Washed and drained fillets of Turkey breast cut so that you can deploy it as a book, covered with a sheet of cling film and rolled with a rolling pin or slightly beats the culinary hammer. The obtained thin layers have meat on a sheet of cling film, forming a rectangular formation. Stabilem it with salt, ground mixture of five peppers, aromatic dry herbs and spread the chopped herbs Basil. Distribute on top of thin plates of cut ham or bacon, cover the top slices of hard cheese and add a few slices of cheese with blue mold. If you don’t like the taste, it is possible to take simply any other variety of soft cheese.

Helping yourself with a sheet of foil, fold the product in the form of roll and tie it tight with string or cotton thread. Coat a baking dish with butter, put in it the received the parcel and have it in a pre-heated to 170 degree oven for half an hour, occasionally basting with a spoon released liquid.

During the baking of the loaf will cook for him the sauce. Grind the herbs Basil, mix it with mayonnaise and red wine vinegar and flavoured with salt, sugar and mix. Put mixture into fridge to cool and infuse.

When ready remove from the roll of twine, cut into thick slices of about one and a half inches cooked and served with chilled Basil sauce.

Recipe of stuffed drumsticks of the Turkey with apples and prunes in the oven


  • drumstick Turkey breast – 2 PCs.;
  • butter – 45 g;
  • dried prunes without seeds – 75 g;
  • two teeth of garlic;
  • one sour-sweet Apple;
  • strips of smoked bacon;
  • half a small carrot;
  • table salt;
  • fine ground mixture of five peppers;
  • fragrant herbs.


To cook stuffed legs, we need to release them from the bone, leaving only the extreme part of the base. Then put the pulp obtained under the plastic wrap and carefully repel kitchen mallet. Now stabilem inside the drumstick with salt, ground mixture of five peppers, fragrant dried herbs and give a little promarinovatsya. During this time, prepare the components,Фаршированная индейка to be used as a filling. Thoroughly wash the prunes, cut into slices a peeled Apple and half a carrot, teeth remove garlic from the husk and cut in half.

Fill the prepared tibial components, add a piece of butter, give them a natural shape and wrap strips of smoked bacon. Now placed the resulting workpiece in the form oiled and, placed in preheated 200 degree oven. Stand stuffed Shin under such temperature conditions within forty minutes, or until desired degree of Browning.


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