Guacamole avocado

Гуакамоле из авокадо

Avocado is an extremely useful tropical fruit, which contains a lot of useful substances, mostly digestible by the human body vegetable fats, and vitamins and minerals. You can use avocado, got really good residents of South and Central America.

For example, avocado is one of the main components of guacamole, this sauce-paste is a very popular traditional snack in all Latin American food cultures and practices. Currently, the interest in the preparation of guacamole is growing worldwide not only because of the undoubted usefulness of avocado and its nutritional qualities, but also of General interest in Latin American cuisine.

Currently the recipe is guacamole, of course, has grown some changes, not to say particularly substantial.

How to make guacamole avocado?

The General idea of making guacamole

The pulp of the avocado (without skin and bones) mash with the addition of lime juice and/or lemon. The citrus juice prevents oxidation of avocado and retains its color. The rest of the ingredients (usually chilli peppers, garlic and cilantro) finely chop or pound in a mortar or with the flesh of the avocado all crushed in a blender.

Sauce recipe-pasta guacamole avocado with garlic


  • avocado – 2 PCs.;
  • lemon or lime;
  • bell pepper red – 1 pieces (whole or can young green);
  • garlic – 4 cloves;
  • the coriander;
  • Sol.


Crush peeled garlic with pepper and salt in a mortar and place into the work bowl, as there will download the pieces of the flesh of the avocado and immediately add juice of lime or lemon. Гуакамоле из авокадоAdd the chopped cilantro. Porirua all together in a blender.

The more delicate the sauce is, if the young and green pepper. To make yellow sauce, instead add the second avocado fruit mango flesh or Butternut pumpkin. In this embodiment, it makes sense to add to the sauce a little grated nutmeg.

Guacamole prepared with red (ripe) peppers is served with dishes of meat, tomatoes, beans and potatoes. Yellow and green sauce (young pepper) more suited to fish dishes and seafood. Also on the table should be dishes from corn: polenta or tortillas.


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