How to ferment cabbage to be crunchy?

Как заквасить капусту, чтобы была хрустящая?

Pickled cabbage is a traditional pickle, tasty and healthy dish, of course, if it is well prepared, and be consumed in normal (i.e., small) amounts. And, of course, want to see cabbage on the table was crispy and beautiful.

Why did sauerkraut become soft and not crunchy?

Can be called a variety of different reasons: not the grade, not while cooking, not the salt, etc. However, there are General guidelines, following which you’ll definitely achieve the desired results.

Choose cabbage

Not all varieties of cabbage are suitable for fermentation (the best results are obtained with late and medium-late varieties).

Plugs should be tight to the touch, the cabbage should be limp and frozen. Optimal weight is about 3-4 kg.

As fermenting cabbage that was delicious, crunchy and white?

Use of large salt, not iodized.

Containers should be glass, enamel without chips or food-grade plastic. Before the starter dishes for disinfection it is better to wipe the inside vinegar and dry.

Should not be much and long to perminate shredded cabbage with salt, and compacted into the working tank must be denser so that the juice which comes out coated the whole thing.

To save the maximum of useful substances (vitamins, etc), won’t shred the cabbage super finely and, in General, the bigger the better retained and more useful work. The process of fermentation works best at a room temperature of about + 12-15 degrees.

Dishes with fermented cabbage should be kept cool (e.g. in the cellar or on the shelf in the glass corridor), but not in the cold. If the cabbage has been nipped by the frost, it becomes soft and slippery and certainly will not crack.

Formed during the souring of Gaza should be free to go or they need to release periodically, so every day with a wooden stick make a puncture (or a few) to the bottom of it, if you salt in 3 liter bottles, larger pots or containers with lids. If you neglect this procedure, the taste will deteriorate, he will become bitter and the cabbage may lose its crispy characteristic.

Daily (or at least once in two days) it is necessary to remove formed on the surface of cabbage foam.

Crispy, tasty, quick pickled cabbage in a jar – recipe


  • cabbage;
  • carrot – 1 PC. at 1 forks;
  • major non-iodized salt – 1 tsp per 1-2 kg;
  • 1 teaspoon of sugar 1-2 kg;
  • seeds of cumin, fennel and coriander – 1 C. lojke 1-2 kg.


Shredded cabbage portions (for example, 1 fork) mix with carrots, slightly preminum hands, then put in the Bank layers, protrombina tightly enough (hand or wooden pestle), sprinkling a mixture of salt, sugar and seeds. Fill the jar tightly «to the shoulder».

By the end of the process the brine, consisting in the basis of released juice should cover all the cabbage in the Bank. Because during fermentation, the juice can pour out, put jar on a plate. This way sauerkraut does not require Как заквасить капусту, чтобы была хрустящая?to put oppression.

Keep the jar at room temperature or below within 2-3 days (after that, she is almost ready to use), provide gases to escape. Then it makes sense to put the Bank on balcony.

Sauerkraut is much more useful than fresh, because it has more vitamin C.

Aromatic brine is a wonderful effective remedy to relieve a hangover.

Cabbage in banks makes sense to fermenting from this calculation that it was eaten for a week or two maximum.


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