The recipe of tasty cutlets from minced meat

Рецепт вкусных котлет из мясного фарша

You think that you are impossible to surprise the recipe of tasty cutlets from minced meat, because the chicken dish is so hackneyed and uninteresting that all its variations have long been discussed? This is not so. Result variations delicious and unusual recipes for meatballs, we decided in this material.

Delicious patties of minced pork

The secret of tasty cutlets from minced meat is the correct proportion of meat and fat, and therefore not worth taking for the dish one pork or beef. Mix them in equal proportions, season the meat well and get the output perfect patties.

Below we will discuss a simple recipe of meatballs, and its variation, in which meat wraps interesting toppings — cucumber and onion half-rings.


  • pig ground beef — 980 g;
  • water 145 ml;
  • pickles — 115 g;
  • onion 85 g.


Well spice up the ready-made stuffing mix freshly ground pepper and salt. Ready the meat tenderize on the working surface — this will help make the meat much more tender. Divide the cucumber 4-6 thin strips, and slice onion into thin half rings. A portion of meat put between two sheets of cling film and gently roll out or flatten with your palm. Removing one of the sheets, place in center of patties cucumber and onion, then roll the meat around the filling and shape into a loaf on all sides to completely cover the filling. Fry cutlets delicious homemade mince on high heat until Browning, then throw into the pan half a Cup of water and let the meat steam and reach full readiness.

Delicious patties of ground Turkey

Patties also better to take a mixture of ground Turkey with a small amount of lard or chicken fat, so they come out much more juicy.


  • the stuffing of the Turkey — 540 g;
  • chicken fat — 45 g;
  • garlic — 3 cloves;
  • Рецепт вкусных котлет из мясного фарша

  • bread crumb — 65 g;
  • a handful of green coriander;
  • flour — 45 g;
  • ground cumin, paprika — ½ tsp.


Before cooking the patties from the stuffing mix rolled the flesh of the Turkey with chopped fat and season all with a generous pinch of salt. Add paste of garlic cloves and bread crumbs, and then sprinkle spices. Thoroughly mixed the minced meat must be separated on the working surface, divide and straite. Each of the cutlets, roll in flour and fry until Browning. Optionally steaming the meatballs were necessary, the minced chicken is cooked much faster than grade-a beef.


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