Chronic tonsillitis: symptoms of an exacerbation in adults and children

Chronic tonsillitis, its symptoms and course are associated with prolonged inflammation of the Palatine min. the Disease can last several months and is accompanied by debilitating pain in the throat. Body temperature remains normal, so many are treated folk methods or even let the situation take its course, believing that the disease will pass by itself. This is extremely dangerous, because the disease in the absence of adequate treatment gives serious complications.

Signs of chronic tonsillitis

Many people suffer inflammation of the tonsils. Most patients are unaware of the problem until the aggravation begins. Beyond the acute stage manifestations of the disease in adults can be virtually invisible. However, there is a chronic tonsillitis symptoms in adults that should be the reason for the conversion to ENT doctor:

  • frequent sore throats (twice a year);
  • the feeling of a lump in the throat;
  • pain when swallowing;
  • sore;
  • the output of purulent congestion cough;
  • a fever in the evening;
  • joint pain in the heart region;
  • heart palpitations.

The symptoms of tonsillitis in the child are more pronounced. The kids refuse to eat, which is a consequence of the General intoxication of the organism. Often dyspeptic disorders accompanied by vomiting and defecation disorders. Children 5-15 years, doctors often diagnose viral tonsillopharyngitis. In this form patients with high risk of developing pneumonia and false croup.

The symptoms of inflammation of the tonsils

Chronic tonsillitis, main symptoms and manifestations described by the doctors. This:

  • severely enlarged tonsils;
  • depression and ulcers on the surface of the tonsils;
  • swelling of the Palatine arches;
  • the looseness of lymphoid tissue;
  • redness of the mucous;
  • plugs in the tonsils, formed from dead tissue.

Exacerbation of chronic tonsillitis

The symptoms of acute disease occur with colds, lowered immunity or inadequate treatment. The most common forms of angina in acute stage is peritonsillar process. The first is characterized by increasing temperature to 40 degrees. Patients experience severe pain in the throat, weakness, aches in the joints. Under the supervision of a physician recover within a week.

Another form of acute – peritonsillar process when pus accumulates on the tonsils. Chronic tonsillitis and its symptoms in this form in the initial stages resemble angina. However, a few days later the picture changes. The patient develops edema of the pharynx, that gradually leads to impossibility of taking food and water. This condition is extremely dangerous, pus in the tonsils is rapidly spreading to adjacent organs, leading to sepsis. Such a patient should be treated in the hospital.

If exacerbations occur more than three times a year, is facing the most severe stage – decompensated. Patient ceases to control infection, pus plugs are formed on the tonsils, they become a source of disease. Dramatically increases the risk of spreading infection throughout the body. To avoid serious complications, doctors may resort to surgical methods of treatment.

Video: symptoms and treatment of tonsillitis in children

The symptoms of this disease are directly related to General and local immunity of patients, especially in children. Many beloved people means to combat dangerous diseases of the throat in the fight against this disease. Any self-treatment may aggravate the situation, give the complications on the cardiovascular system. Numerous photos and videos tell your parents, as it is impossible to treat such a disease.

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