Knit garter knitting: a diagram and description crochet for beginners

Things made from yarn, very popular. Knitting for beginners is always important, many people want to learn this craft. One of the most simple and straightforward techniques is considered kerchief binding the spokes. In ancient times this figure was a key to downy shawls. It consists of embossed and smooth rows, which alternate. By simple method of weaving, people made a variety of beautiful things. The lessons of knitting in this way then presents step-by-step algorithms.

Features garter knit

Vintage knit garter knitting has a number of features and benefits unlike other options to create your canvas:

  • the product does not stretch, does not change the initial shape;
  • things, created using knit garter knitting, get surround;
  • edge products from threads not twisted;
  • knitting for beginners in garter technique is a good basic skill, the ideal basis for more complex variations and patterns.

Step by step instructions with diagrams and descriptions garter knit

We will try to understand how knitting for beginners. We consider several types of ancient pattern and detailed algorithms of its creation. Thanks to simple step-by-step instructions for creating ornament this craft to learn any aspiring needlewoman. Patterns for knitting the fabric threads are created for three scenarios: obverse, reverse and circular.

The scheme of knitting facial loops

Let’s start with the detailed explanations for beginners. How to make a vintage ornament from the front «scales»? Technology process consists of the following:

  1. The first method starts with a classical technique: in two of the spokes impose any number of loops, with edge.
  2. Take a knitting needle and put it in your right hand.
  3. On the index finger of the second hand put the cord that goes from the coil. It must be pressed the other fingers, except the thumb.
  4. Grab the first loop of a number of the right tool for knitting. Gently remove her index finger from left back to right, are finished. So removed the first hinge edge products – edge, this is the first in a series.
  5. Enter needle in first stitch on the left, while grabbing the thread. Provyazyvaem facial (front wall).
  6. Create new loops, while on the left there is nothing left. Turn the blade: the part that is on the instrument, take in left hand and train the rest of the elements in the sample.
  7. We repeat steps 3 and 5 until the required length of the product.

Description of knitting purl stitch

The canvas is often vivaselecta purl loops. Even if you have little experience of doing things with the help of this technique, step-by-step algorithm will help to master this art to perfection. Algorithm for formation of drawing looks like this:

  1. Return to the previous scheme, but instead of the second item, do as follows: taking the needle for the thread. The working thread must lie to the right of the loop that is on the left of the knitting tool.
  2. The right tool is introduced into the left loop under the thread.
  3. To obtain the purl stitches with the tip of the spokes, which is located in the right hand, the thread is captured. It should pull from left to right through the current loop products.

Master-class for knitting on circular knitting needles

Garter knit in a circle by means of a special fixture with fishing line. It is sometimes convenient to create the picture applied two-sided tools have two working ends. This technique of weaving with threads is not too difficult, especially if to learn the technology of the first two methods. A circular process of vyvazhivanija ornament is alternating rows of purl and smooth facial «scales».

Training video tutorials for beginners knit scarf

Wondering how to learn to knit from scratch? Free available to everyone video tutorials on needlework is what you need. With the help of detailed workshops can quickly learn all the ways of forming the embossed web. As a bonus video – a technique of creating a warm scarf. If you exactly follow the scheme, then the results will not keep you waiting. Please read carefully the rollers, and after a week or two you will have the chance to please her mother, a fancy Cape, to give your child a tight pretty bow, to surprise her husband with a woolen sweater.

Lesson # 1

Lesson # 2

How to tie a scarf scarf pattern

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