Brushes for teeth and braces: how to choose and use the brush

Modern dentists say that, familiar to us, items are not able to properly clean the teeth. There is a need to use additional means of oral hygiene. Brushes for teeth and is an excellent addition to the achievement of perfect purity. They effectively clean the interdental space. Such measures will help to significantly improve their condition, to reduce the risk of caries.

How to choose the interdental brush

No brush, used for cleaning the teeth, will not be able to remove the food from the space between them. For this is a brush for teeth. Such devices have a handle, a main body, similar to little kitchen tool. The stores represented a large variety. To choose the right brush for cleaning your teeth, you must follow these rules:

  • If you wear braces, have an overbite, choose a fixture with long setae.
  • For daily cleaning, purchase a brush with a short NAP.
  • If there are crowns or dentures would be a useful use of funds with an average length of bristles.
  • The holders of prostheses or orthodontic ideal cylindrical shape.
  • For daily hygiene – conical.

An overview of the most popular models

The most famous are the following articles:

  1. «Curaprox». Fixtures for the hygiene of this company are made of braided wire, the finest nylon bristles. This prevents premature breakage, gently cleanses the interdental space, reducing the risk of bleeding. With a wide selection of sizes and shapes, you can pick the perfect option for every interdental gap.
  2. «Oral-B». Products, released by «Screaming Bee», designed for cleaning dentures, braces and interdental spaces. The brand produces both conical and cylindrical products. Thin bristles penetrate deep, providing a hygienic oral cavity. The price is approximately 300-400 R.
  3. «LACALUT». Each fixture is made of a material of very high quality. Wire base are made from solid alloy, covered with a plastic protection, so you can use them for cleaning or other metal fixtures. The company manufactures products of different sizes, which are equipped with caps. This detail helps to lengthen the holder, provides the usability.

How to use

In the mechanism of purification in such a subject there is nothing difficult. If you received the order to use them, ask the dentist what size and shape should be of matching funds. Arriving at the store, select the tools you need. Before using read the instructions carefully, to use the fixtures properly, it will help to avoid damage.

For cleaning teeth

For cleansing contaminated spaces brush need to do the following:

  1. The device bring to the place that you want to clear. Enter it under a right angle in the space between the teeth.
  2. Make a few movements back and forth, and then rotate it around the axis, rinse the instrument. Similarly, you need to do this to all the intervals.
  3. After use rinse the device under running water.

For cleaning braces

How to brush teeth with braces with brushes:

  1. First, perform a normal cleaning brush and paste.
  2. To remove dirt between the teeth enter the brush perpendicular to the surface of the jaw.
  3. Then move on to cleaning the braces, inserting a tool between them and the teeth.


Andrew, 18 years old: I had to wear braces because of an incorrect bite. Dentist recommend the use of pipe cleaners for their cleansing. Beautiful fixture, which is perfectly clean. They are easy to use and not injure the gums.

Margarita, 32 years: have bad breath. A consultation with the doctor helped me make a choice in favor of «LACALUT». These tools perfectly clean, soft bristles, and the handle is comfortable. Odor eliminated, and I was pleased with the result.

Maria, 25 years: For cleaning spaces between the teeth used a toothpick or dental floss, but these measures proved to be ineffective. The Council bought the brushes. Size picked up quickly, because bought the package with different nozzles. Was pleased with the result, no remedy gives such effect.

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